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The Transformative Platform for

ADHD Entrepreneurs

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If you struggle with staying focused throughout the day, as an ADHD entrepreneur, you need the Sh!t List

If you struggle to stay focused on your task for the day, steal my Sh!t List which I have used for years. It has helped me overcome time blindness and get more accomplished as an ADHD entrepreneur.

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Are you highly over-critical of yourself? Is your fast-paced style often interpreted as too intense?

Do you feel like an outsider, a misfit? Are you left with little to no energy at the end of the day?


You can reframe your ADHD symptoms as strengths and harness them to achieve lasting success!


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André Brisson, also known as The Impulsive Thinker, is a professional engineer, advocate, and podcaster with the special ability to devour and simplify complicated information to solve complex problems. As an ambitious and fearless entrepreneur, André has built three successful companies, including a self-managing engineering firm, Objective Engineering, Inc., specializing in niche markets that require unique training, experience, and an instinct to attack problems with an unconventional approach.

As an advocate, André has become well known as the bold mastermind behind the platform Tactical Breakthroughs from The Impulsive Thinker built for other ADHD Entrepreneurs like himself. André uses the platform, and his popular podcast, to help entrepreneurs give themselves permission to embrace their unique talents and strengths and to provide a framework for self-advocacy for lifelong tactical breakthroughs. His inventive proprietary ADHD Transformation Journey Program utilizes the same mechanisms and systems he created to overcome his undiagnosed ADHD after years of explorative processes. 

Diagnosed late in life with severe ADHD and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) level 1 (Asperger's Syndrome), he credits ADHD as a key to both his successes and failures. But, since discovering how to harness his ADHD as a strength and sharing that achievement in an unpolished and candid manner, people from all over the world have sought him out for help understanding how ADHD can drive their growth both personally and professionally, too. 

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The Podcast

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Your ADHD Transformational Journey™

Confident Businessman

Gain Clarity

Gain clarity on how your ADHD brain works.  You will gain confidence and develop strategies to structure yourself, your day, and your environment to control your attention and focus efficiently. Learn how to manage your ADHD. At the end you will say: “I have control of my ADHD and my focus!”


Discover Strengths

Let’s convert your unmanaged symptoms into your ADHD strengths so you can say: “My ADHD is not a burden; it is my strength and key to my success as an entrepreneur!”

Not only do you have ADHD strengths, but you also have non-ADHD strengths.  Strengths and capabilities that are unique to you.  Discover your non-ADHD talents and clarify your unique capabilities. Develop strategies to highlight the unique value you bring to the world. 

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Owning Your ADHD

Understand how your personality, emotions, and strengths can be managed to excel, and learn how they interact to solve current challenges. We will achieve this in facilitated quarterly group sessions with fellow ADHD Entrepreneurs. You will find a community of like-minded (and like-brained) people that will support you and work with you for all to succeed!


I am grateful for all of our very real, strategic, honest and thoughtful conversations- you definitely challenge my thinking, force me to think deeper and push a little more…. and to be more direct (which I have trouble with) It makes for a much different kind of day/appreciation for my role.

Nicole Solitar - Program Advisor, Strategic Coach

Just the right combination of fun and professional!

Heidi Bernhardt - Founder, Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada

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